Are Yankee Candles Toxic?

Before we jump to the question: Are Yankee candles toxic or not?

Let’s go back to the times when it all started.

The idea of ​​Yankee candles was born in 1969 when Mike Kittredge gave his mother a handmade decorative candle for Christmas. She loved it, as did everyone around her. So Mike continued to make more candles.

Thanks to the great success, Mike moved from his garage to an old factory and created his brand called Yankee Candle today.

From lighting to burning, Yankee Candles provide beautiful, long-lasting, pure scents that perfectly complement any interior. A gift from this place will please anyone.

Candles contain a large number of aromatic oils and natural extracts. Each aromatic essence truly recalls the ingredients in Yankee candles and the place or experience it was inspired by. The atmosphere in your home, whether relaxed, festive, or refreshing, depends only on your choice.

However, the real question is: Are Yankee candles toxic? To find out more about this, keep reading!

Are Yankee candles toxic?

are yankee candles toxic

Most candles are made from paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum, so there is a lot of debate regarding its toxicity.

A study found that burning paraffin wax can release potentially dangerous chemical compounds such as toluene. This substance is known to be present in cobbler’s glue and is easily absorbed by the lungs (40 to 60% of the total inhaled). Exposure at low or moderate levels can cause these symptoms:

  • tiredness
  • mental confusion
  • weakness
  • memory loss
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • vision and hearing

This particular study was never published, and other available scientific studies claim that the level of chemical components released by each type of candle is far below the amount that would cause human health problems.

The problem is that these studies were funded by associations of candle producers, which makes their results biased.

To date, there is no conclusive evidence that paraffin is harmful to health, but it is a fact that spark plugs release soot and components similar to those released by a diesel engine, which means it doesn’t do any good.

Also, considering that many of us live in large urban centers and are constantly exposed to pollution, minimizing the amount of smoke we breathe by avoiding lighting paraffin candles indoors doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

And the beloved scented candles?

Many scented candles are made from paraffin mixture with other waxes and can release volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde (formaldehyde), a carcinogen. Therefore, Yankee candle safety depends mainly on the ingredients in Yankee candles.

Synthetic fragrances also contain toxic substances that are difficult to identify, as many brands refuse to reveal their ingredients to maintain exclusivity.

Even natural fragrances made from essential oils can trigger allergic reactions causing sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion.

What are the best candles for our health?

It’s important to note that burning anything can release chemicals that are harmful to your health. Still, smoke from candles lit in a well-ventilated area is unlikely to have a significant impact compared to the pollution we breathe daily.

But suppose you love candles too and, like us, would like to minimize the number of toxic particles you inhale. In that case, the best option is to light them on special occasions and choose candles made from 100% natural ingredients like beeswax, coconut, and soy.

We know that all women like to keep their homes clean and tidy to improve the environment; even more, they love to perfume with those wonderful perfumes that bring harmony to the home.

So, we will talk a little more about Yankee Candles, the famous scented candles that are very successful in the United States and are becoming one of the great references for women; they were created in the United States by an American named Michael Kittredge.

The big news is with stores open everywhere to the delight of many women who love to perfume the house!

The sales success of Yankee candle scented candles is so great that today it has about 550 stores spread across the country.

Those who have a passion for fragrances know what we are talking about. Moreover, they are sold in different scents and sizes in addition to branded candles and other accessories such as candlesticks, tableware, and others.

Yankee candles are for sale in catalogs and local stores, and you can be sure that the success is immense. People’s favorites are the ones with lemon, rose, and gardenia aromas.

How are Yankee candles beneficial?

are yankee candles toxic

In addition to perfuming the environment, Yankee candles give a touch to the decoration of the house.

Suppose the focus is to create a more sensual and romantic environment. Then, nothing is better than candles with the seductive true rose fragrance produced with red roses, all for people who want to create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

They are for sale through their virtual store as well as a website where you can find a wide variety of aromatic candles with lovely fragrances, everything to leave your home fragrant in different scents such as:

  • Red roses
  • jasmine
  • lemon
  • lavender
  • cherries
  • white flowers with lemon
  • and tropical orchids

Buy Yankee Candles On Amazon

They cost an average of $89.90, mini candles $9.90, and a pot $59.90. They are not only affordable, but Yankee candle safety is also guaranteed.

A lot of people have these questions “are Yankee candles toxic?”

Well, a few of them can be if they have paraffin wax in them. But if you look at the ingredients closely, you can find non-toxic and sustainable options.


yankee candles images

Where to buy and what the price of a Yankee candle is?

People who want to leave their homes beautiful and fragrant with the famous Yankee candle scented candles know that they are already on sale in several stores and even online.

What kind of wax does Yankee candle use?

Yankee candles are mostly made up of paraffin wax, but you can also find soybean wax and beeswax.

Plus, the wicks are made up of cotton. So, if you’re concerned about whether or not they are vegan, the answer is yes!

But if your question is “are Yankee candles toxic?” then the answer depends on what kind of wax Yankee candle use.

Are Yankee candles safe for dogs?

Yes, the naturally made waxes used in candles, such as soybean and beeswax, are safe for dogs. They will not be in danger immediately after consuming or breathing in them.

However, artificial fragrances or carcinogens are dangerous, so beware of the ingredients.

Are Yankee candles toxic?

Your world’s Yankee candles still rely on paraffin wax, which gives off a good scent but produces countless toxic carcinogens and emits harmful fumes into the air. These pollutants are hazardous and can lead to cancer if swallowed too much.

Is the Yankee candle toxic for pets and humans?

As mentioned above, the answer depends significantly on the candle ingredients.

Can the smell make pets sick?

Are scents from scented candles and oils toxic to pets such as birds, cats, and dogs? According to avian veterinarians, breeders, and dealers, any scented product can cause illness or death in birds.

What smells are toxic to dogs?

Below is a list of some oils that are harmful to dogs:

  • Lower leg essence
  • Citrus extracts (d-limonene)
  • Pennyroyal
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pine oil
  • Sweet birch-extracted oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Wintergreen oil

Wax candles are generally made from paraffin, beeswax, or soy. None of these ingredients are poisonous to dogs, but paraffin may be dangerous.

However, they tend to soften and pass through the dog’s intestinal tract with no problems when ingested. So the answer to “are Yankee candles safe for dogs?” is a yes!

However, large pieces can cause intestinal obstruction.

Can Yankee candles cause cancer?

Even though most candles use paraffin wax which usually releases cancer-causing chemicals, so, yes, they may trigger cancer patients. But, in addition to that, they can also be harmful to asthma patients.

Is lighting candles an evil ritual for your home? 

According to chemistry, candles are lit through incomplete combustion, which causes carbon pollutants in the environment. So, scientifically speaking, they are harmful. However, the harm is very insignificant, and in comparison with the benefits of lighting candles, they can be ignored.

Are Yankee Candles harmful to Babies?

In general, avoiding using scented products in the nursery or the newborn’s sleeping environment is advisable. This is because your lungs are still developing and exposure to aerosolized irritants is of no benefit.

Is wax melting healthier than candles?

Wax melting is much safer than lighting candles. But that’s why people can use melted wax and not have problems or allergies. Because only the smell disappears, not the wax, which means nothing, is getting into the air you breathe, chemicals instead of candles.


Hopefully, this article helped you and answered all your questions about “are Yankee candles toxic?” Furthermore, I’m sure you also learned a lot of fun facts about candles.

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