30 Not-So-Ordinary Fancy Candle Decorating Ideas For Everyone

What else catches our attraction than a candle glow on Christmas or weddings? Of course, nothing.

Imagine your home is wholely embellished with super decorative candles and gleaming strings of lights; your heart definitely feels the vibes to the core.

Be it about the adornment of candles for a birthday, Halloween, or Christmas-like events, the perfect candle decor always makes us go wow and stand still for some time.

So, let’s dive into these interesting candle decorating ideas and let people come up with all the praise-worthy comments for you.

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Candle Decorating Ideas For Wedding

How do you decorate your house with candles at the wedding? Here are some exceptional tips:

1. Use Glass Terrariums To Beautify Candles In The Corners

The glass terrariums can be found in many shapes, like an oval (egg-like), round, diamond, and cage-like. All you need to do is place your chosen scented candle in the middle of the terrarium over the pebbles scattered in the bottom.

Besides, you can get a fake tree to embellish the terrarium or just get gold-colored stones to give it a luxurious look, and here you go!

2. The Vintage Lanterns Will Hold Your Dreamy Candles Amazingly

For simple candle decoration, sometimes you need not do anything extravaganza. Instead, you can effortlessly unearth the ground to get unconventional, vintage, or traditional stuff that hasn’t been used for a while.

Just make sure you have one old lantern in the storage room that your late ancestors might have used in their time.

Just rub the dust off the object and keep your fancy candle in this holder. Not only this, but you can also paint the lanterns from outside to renew them.

3. Decorate Your Candle For Wedding With Wall Glass Holders

One of the best candle decorating ideas is to execute candle wall décor ideas.  How? Well, for this, you don’t have to understand rocket science.

Amazingly, you can get attachable stylish wall racks, glass holders, or simple wooden candle sconces to make your chore a breeze.

Get your hands on taper or pillar candles (keeping the holders’ length or size in mind) and just burn it away like no other person can do it perfectly.

4.Utilize An Old Mirror To Make Your Candle Look Super Fascinating

Do you have old mirrors available in the home? We all know that the rusted, brown mirrors are considered the “waste material” that takes extra space in our storage room.

But, now, those waste materials can be of great use without letting you make a hefty budget arrangement, especially when decorating candles.

So, just use the antique mirror, color the frame, and beautify scented or unscented candle jars with antiquity.  

5. Use Wood Platforms For Perfect Candle Adornment

Since Christmas is around the corner, candle decorating ideas have taken the internet by storm.

Here, we represent one more idea!

Fancy candle holders will jewel up your place and make ordinary candles the right accessory impressively.

For example, nowadays, you can find wooden candle holders or even trophy-like stands to efficiently spruce your center table or corner consoles with candles.

Candle Decorating Ideas For Bathroom

How do you embellish candles in washrooms? Simply check what we have shared in this section:

6. Place Your Candle In A Small Green Fern Centerpiece

Do you know about raised beds? Exactly like that…

A small fern centerpiece will make you assume the raised beds, but it’s not that large in size. Instead, it’s a small rectangular centerpiece that includes a portion of green shrubs, and on that, you can keep 2 or 3 quirky pieces of candles you have.

Additionally, you can DIY it by collecting all the necessary stuff like any deep rectangle serving dish, gathering the floral shrubs, and some candles.

Indeed, it is considered one of the ideal candle decoration ideas.

7. The Giant Glass Cube With Opened Top Will Pull Off Your Candle Glow

How to decorate home with candles isn’t a question here, but we are concerned more about embellishing the washroom for an eve with a famous candles collection.

Thereby, we suggest you have a big glass cube jar to place various candles of different sizes in it. By doing so, first, your bathroom will be all set for the eve, and second, the décor won’t get destroyed due to splashes of water.

8. Get Fancy Vine Glass Or Golden-Stoned Glass To Put Candles

Another way to pull off your aesthetics by following candle decorating ideas is to keep your candle embellishment yet appealing. How?

Well, just get a wine glass, remove its base, and cover the candle.

Or else, grab a glass, attach some golden stones to it and then, put your candles in it. No doubt, such minimalistic candle décor tricks actually do wonders.

9. Use Seashells While Making Candles To Match The Spa-Like Vibes

One of the best ways to implement the desirable candle décor ideas is by mixing the seashells with the wax while making candles from scratch.

As we all know how soothing the seashells look, so, eventually, having them in your bathroom to enter spa-like vibes isn’t a bad idea.

All you need to do is blend the seashells with the wax once it is mildly hot, and here you go!

10. Color Your Candle Stands In Ombre Shade To Make It Look Impressive

Another way to make your candle look alluring and captivating when placed in the corner of your bathroom shelf is to color it with calming colors like light yellow, green, or blue, just blend all these colors so well to make an ombre shade.

The candle decorating ideas are incomplete without colors and different prints. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that colors infuse soul into anything.

Certainly, such bathroom décor ideas always do magic.

11. Embellish With Fake Furry Wings To Add A Soft Touch To Candles

How to display candles in the bathroom by showing your creative side so profoundly? Don’t panic, get some fake furry wings to make your favorite soy wax candles look like an angel.

Use glue to attach them to the candle. Alongside this, don’t miss to add a touch of glittery stones to make it a luxurious decoration piece.

Note: Don’t attach too many stones as it can overdo the whole candle appearance.

12. The Frosted (Blurry) Candle Jar For Perfect Bathroom Décor

We know about the steam that makes the whole bathroom blurry and foggy (in winters). So, how about bringing the same impact in all seasons? Perplexed? Just stick to our ideas for candle decoration at home and let the glow steal all the impressive glances.

To make it happen, get candle jars that come with a blurry outline to match them with the theme.

Candle Decorating Ideas For Christmas

What can you put in candles for decoration? Simple your designing passion and creativity are all that you can use while decorating your sanctuary with candles:

13. A Fireplace Is A Good Place To Keep Flameless Candles

The adorable candles for Christmas décor are used to embellish the fireplace’s surroundings because we all know it is located in the lounge where we casually set our Christmas tree.

For DIY Christmas decorations, candles are considered one best part. So, what you need to do is to gather all your preferred flameless candles and put them on the top shelf and adjacent sides of the furnace.

14. Use Mason Jars To Store Candles For Longer Time

Never miss out on a chance to check and implement candle decoration ideas for tables in your home, like coffee tables and center tables.

For now, we would suggest you choose mason jars to store the best candles scent. In this way, the candles will burn for longer and that too, without ruining your table (means no mess around).

15. Have Stones & A Colored Tray For Vibrant Xmas Candle Décor

Do you want to create a look with candle centerpieces for coffee table? Make it a breeze with us. Just get some fancy candles, colorful stones, and a luxury tray (resin trays are famous these days).

Put your candles in the tray (make it 2 or 3 max, keeping their sizes in mind), and then scatter the stones around the candles. Once burnt, the whole tray will take the entire table décor to the next level.

16. Get Lamp-Like Holders For Tealight Candles To Create Ambiance

The unique candle decorating ideas include the intricately-designed holders too. For example, here, we would love you to get lamp-like candle holders for small, tealight candles.

Such lamps are used for minimalistic glow in the room, such as for therapeutic sessions or massage rooms. Besides, these lamp candles promote a light for Christmas midnight parties expediently

17. Adhere Glittery Stones To Your Candle For Shinning Embellishment

Embellish candles for home décor and bring out your best creativity through this act. Grab fancy yet elegant stones for candle making and get indulged in the most enjoyable task of the year, creating self-crafted candles for Christmas.

Use thick, heavy-duty glue to attach stones to the candles and let the sparkling body of candles impress your guests at the Xmas party.

18. Use String Lights To Decorate Candles On Christmas

Take your favorite pillar or jar candles and decorate them with the string lights. Yes, you heard it right. Also, don’t forget the gleaming strings of lights (both monochromatic and multi-colored hues).

Wrap the light strings around the candles and leave the remaining lighting wire on the table to carry out the perfect Xmas ambiance. It is one of the ideal homemade Christmas candle ideas.

19. Wrap Decorative Papers Around The Candle For Sparkling Glow

On Christmas, for required bedroom candle décor, you may need to follow the most modest way because the bedroom décor remains constant most of the time.

Thus, we have added a paper décor. All you need is to get shiny foam papers or newspapers imprinted on the candles. You can also find the shimmery papers in the market that come with adhesive patches to attach/detach whenever you want.

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Pillar Candle Decorating Ideas

Some more candle arrangement ideas we have combined here that you would definitely love:

20. Use Large Wooden Elements To Fix Candles Inside

You can use large wooden bases or flat surfaces for flawless living room candle decoration at home.

Just cut the wooden base from the middle and then insert your pillar candles in them. For more enhancement, you can also place flowers around the candles.

21. Get Glass Trifles To Decorate Candles In Bigger Space

When we talk about beautiful candle holders, we shouldn’t forget the large trifles or glass containers.

What to do? Facile and straightforward, add water in these large containers, place pillar candles in them, throw some flowers, and let them float.

While we are up to checking candle decorating ideas, we can pour some pebbles to make it look more eye-catchy.

22. Embellish Your Candles With Neon Light Strings

Get along with our candle décor ideas by using scented candle holders and some neon light strings.

Interestingly, you can wrap the neon strings of LED lights around the pillar or large candles and then turn on them to create a mesmerizing environment in the whole place.

23. The Book Candle Holder Can Be One Best Candle Decorating Idea

For candlestick décor ideas, we have one more terrific option: a suggestion of having a book holder. Yes, it could also be a great addition for bookworms or writers.

Either get one candle book holder or make it on your own by cutting the books from the center and inserting the candle in it. The choice is yours.

24. Wrap World Maps To Rekindle Passion On Candles

Candles decoration in room is not fiddly anymore. You just have to gather your favorite world map and then use printing techniques to get them inscribed on the candles.

Once set, burn the flame on and then rejoice in the moments with your family.

25. Paint Your Candle And Showcase Your Aesthetical Taste

Draw your imaginations on the candle and let it enlighten your thoughts with its flame. Indeed you can count it as one of the best candle decorating ideas.

Grab your favorite paint markers or pencils and get indulged in the most entertaining task, and that is painting.

26. Place Candle With The Dry Fruit Platter & That’s It

There’s nothing hefty to understand. All you need is a dry fruit platter and wood candle holder alongside a pillar candle and some flowers too.

People love such minimalistic decorative ideas. So, why not implement them and get all the attention and praise-worthy comments in the end.

Candle Decorating Ideas For Loved Ones

Some more home candles decoration ideas are as follows:

27. Hang Sweet Notes By Wrapping A Note Rope Around The Candle

Don’t do much just jot down a good quote on the note, do some beadwork, and then decorate the candle with a rope note.

More to that, you can also gift this candle to your loved ones on the eve.

28. Have Old Necklace Chain To Style Up Your Candle

For the perfect candle decorating ideas execution, you don’t have to go out of budget.

For example, if you have an old necklace, you can just drape it around the candle with the help of a glue stick and let the decent shine add more charisma to the candle glow.

29. Use Your Favorite Photos To Decorate A Candle

Not to forget, since there’re so many candle decoration ideas, the possibilities are endless.

For now, you can get your photo printed on the candle (to celebrate self-love) and just put it at your bedside table or on the fireplace top shelf (placed in the living area), and voila!

30. Make A Bow And Wrap It Around The Candle

If you’re curious to know how to decorate a candle with ribbon, then here’s the answer:

Unfolding the last most ingenious yet quick candle set up trick, and that is: make a bow of your favorite colored ribbon and then do the candle binding with it.

We know it is so easy as ribbons are mostly found at home.


Hopefully, we have gathered all possible candle decorating ideas for you. Please share it in the comment section below if we have missed any.