The Best Candle Sizes; Which Is The Best For Your Space?

Are you perplexed over choosing the best candle sizes for your whole house, and has it become the only concern these days? Are you nodding your head? Yes?

Well, if so, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, we will brief some of the fabulous candle sizes that are perfect for your space, like bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even washroom, while keeping the significance of that place in mind. 

So, let’s roll them out!

Different candle sizes

Check the below table to comprehend the standard sizes of the candles. No doubt, candle-size charts can help you choose the best glowing object for your lovely sanctuary. 

Pillar3 – 9 in2 – 4 in
Taper6 – 18 in½ – 3 in
Votive2 – 3 in1 – 2 in
Tealight¾ – 1 in1 ½ in
FlamelessAll sizesAll sizes
Filled Candle3 ¼ in4 in

Note: This is the rough yet standard sizes of the candles determined by us. 

Types of unique candles sizes available in the market

Let’s squeeze out the discussion here by elucidating the different candle types and will shed some light on their sterling sizes.

1. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are usually utilized on formal occasions like receptions etc. These candles can be burnt for good 50-60 hours, which is why they are loved and always admired at festivals.

These items are 2-4 inches wide, sturdy, and thick. However, pillar candles are manufactured in various shapes, such as short, hexagonal, square, or tall, making the most-demanded items.

Alongside this, keeping the size or shape in mind, captivating candle jar sizes are available for pillar candles. 

2. Taper Candles

When we talk about different candle sizes, taper candles rule the list with their adorable and sleek design. With a burn time of 10 hours, these items are best for dinners and gatherings at home.

In fact, these candles add more to the romantic ambiance of the place. According to candle sizes charts and estimations, these items are basically heightened and always need a candle holder to stand still.

Just place it in the center of your table or decorate your accent tables with them and rejoice in the moments. 

3. Votive candles

Typically, votive candle sizes are smaller than others; hence, these candles are perfect for small spaces or kids’ room décor. 

Votive candles can burn for up to 10 hours and add glow to your room effortlessly. Moreover, decorating fancy trays with these candles and startling people with mesmerizing glow is advisable.

In other words, votive candles are remembered as the taller versions of tealight candles. So, for instance, these items are the best option if you want to decorate the dressing table with tiny candles.

Either use the glass jars or just place it naked on some base and let the flame add some light.

4. Tealight Candles

Since different candle sizes are available for the whole place, tealight candles have stolen all the glances. These objects look perfect on bathroom shelves, spas, bedrooms, and spas. 

Light up the tealight candles that come with over 3-5 hours of burn time, and enjoy the flickering glow in your washroom. 

Small and lightweight candles can also be a perfect gift option for candle lovers. These candles are enclosed in plastic or built-in metal holders. So, these items will always be a welcoming present for people who love minimalistic decorative candles. 

different candle sizes

5. Flameless Candles

No candle jar sizes are needed for these candles, as they are flameless candles, which means less harm and more possibilities to decorate them.

According to the candle sizes charts, flameless candles come in any shape or style. With these glowing objects, you can make your place safer for kids and pets. 

No wax is involved, so forget about blowing them out. Furthermore, many candle-making brands have now introduced flameless candles that come with humidifiers, air fresheners, or aromatic scents. 

Interesting! No?

6. Filled Candles

Among different candle sizes, filled candles are the most versatile and common type of candles. These candles can provide a glow for 60-80 hours. This feature makes them an adorable addition to the home décor. 

These candles have a soothing scent and come in fancy glass jars. Therefore, these items are usually placed on the kitchen shelves or in the living rooms. 

Let these candles fill your place with sophistication and welcoming vibes. 

The Two More Candle Sizes We Would Like Mentioning

We would love to mention two of our personal favorites: 

Container Candles

These candles come in various forms.

For instance, 

  • The size or shape can be eccentric or varied. 
  • The container candles may have more than one wick according to the size of the candle.

These candles come in glass vessels or long glass tubes and add a luxurious and royal look to the place. That’s why these candles are considered the best choice for sprucing up large spaces and giant tables.

Novelty Candles

The novelty candle sizes revolve around a column or square shapes, and these items look carved or sculpted at first sight. 

Such candles make the best type of candles for the home, indeed. 


What is a good size for candles?

If you must know, the best-selling candles are 8 oz. These candles can go well with any décor or size of the place. 

What is the standard candle base size?

As far as the standard candle sizes are concerned, the measurement in diameters goes around 7-8 inches.

What is a luxury candle?

These candles tend to utilize high-quality alternatives to paraffin, such as beeswax, soy wax, or coconut wax, while in the candle-making process. 


Hopefully, we have shared the different candle sizes and options for you, which will definitely go best with your home decoration. So, choose from the above options and amp up your place with an eternal glow.

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