Are Scented Candles Bad For You? The Mystery Is Sorted!

Are Scented Candles Bad For You

“The scent plays a vital role in creating imaginations. You just end up landing into the world of fantasy and all good things.” Scented candles are loved and adored by everyone and always welcomed. Why? Because they bring in good vibes. No doubt, candles with fragrance add more charm to the décor, help relax a … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About How To Wrap A Candle

how to wrap candles

Wrapping a candle is nothing less than an art. Cellophane is a thin, transparent film generally used to manufacture packaging for various products, such as cellophane for candle wrapping. This material has greater tensile strength, making candle wrapping more durable and resistant. Before we jump into the question about how to wrap a candle, let’s first … Read more

22+ Different Types Of Candles To Buy In 2023


What makes you drool over the candles? Maybe the aesthetical taste resides in you, or is it just the light these wax objects throw?  Whatever the reason is. Different types of candles always amp up the place’s look without letting you drift away from the cause: obviously, the décor.  So, if you are curious to … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Wicks For Candles

types of wicks

You may know about the things involved in the candle-making process, like wax. However, still, there would be many other things you would be finding answers for.  Such as questions relevant to candle wicks are often asked. We will answer all your questions in this blog. So, let’s get into the discussion without any further … Read more

Melted Candles: Uses & Benefits You Should Know In 2022

melted candles

If you are habitually lighting candles at home, you know that some wax is always left over, even when the wick runs out.  The problem is that people tend to throw melted candles away, but did you know that you can reuse them in different ways? Astonished? Well, to learn how to make creative crafts, we have combined … Read more

6 Holders For Terrarium Candles And Wow Tips To Decorate Them


Terrarium candles are a relatively new thing in the market but are gaining recognition within days. People have started loving them and adding them to their home décor. These candles are a great way to amplify any place with a touch of color.    Holders for Terrarium Candles Below, we have shared some interesting holders for … Read more

Is A Sustainable Candle The Same As A Conventional Candle?

Sustainable Candles

The ambiance, the relaxation, and the moment of intimacy are all we experience when we light a candle. Undoubtedly, we use unique candles such as non-toxic pumpkin candles for different occasions like Halloween or Christmas and more and combine them with the décor. Lighting a sustainable candle on a cold and gloomy night can really … Read more