What Are Designer Candles & How Are These Important?

Designer candles bring an inspiring light to the décor. They bring beauty, harmony, and romanticism to the house practically without letting you spend a lot. Many experts teach how to use creativity to decorate the home. 

Nicely designed candles create a warm, romantic, and inviting ambiance in multiple possibilities of compositions that expand in beauty and functionality.

It is effortless to renew the decoration of the house using candles. 

Extremely practical, multifaceted, and at affordable costs, they gain space in the most diverse environments. At parties, events, and meetings with friends and family, these candles create a renewable source of projects which go according to the residents’ state of mind.

Candles (scented or unscented) are a source of light used since ancient times, either in their simple form or attached to lanterns, long before the discovery of electricity, lamps, and other electrical lighting systems. 

The interior designer Helmara Licio says: 

“Currently, candles have become important decorative elements, helping to compose environments in different colors and shapes, in indirect lighting commonly associated with romantic occasions and with a status of sensuality.”

Let’s learn a little more about designer candles in the coming section.

Advantages of designer candles: 

designer candles

One of the significant advantages of candles, according to Helmara, is that they match everything, which is why they are hugely successful in the world of decoration. 

It is possible to apply a beautifully designed candle or a set of them in all combinations, from projects for kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, balconies, and living spaces continues the designer. 

“Don’t be afraid to try them on and redecorate whenever you feel like changing something in the decor.”

Candles never go out of fashion, whether their adornment is paired with lanterns, chandeliers, candlesticks, glasses, or vases, and that too, with elegance and versatility. Plus, the designer candles can be placed on the luxury tables or inside the vintage cages to give them a cottage-chic look. 

There are candles in all colors, patterns, and scents, so there is no room for monotony. Besides that, you can adapt the shades of the candle design to match the color palette of the environment, using the hot matrices to warm up and the cold ones to refresh. 

Draw attention with creativity and daring, giving candles their starring role! 

Scented designer candles: 

Scented candles can also be part of the decor and can be suited to the current time of year, for example:

  • Apple and cinnamon in winter
  • Lime and lemon in summer

Delicacy and originality will always be present in an intimate and unique atmosphere. Wherever they are placed, they transform the mood. 

The great trend that drives the use of candles is linked to the fact that they are easy and elegant options for decoration and receiving guests, mainly because most people have a full schedule of events.

With the advent of electric light, the candle ceased to have a utilitarian function and started to have a more decorative application without losing the mysticism surrounding it.

Scented designer candles

Unlike industrialized products that generally have simplified formats at lower costs, handmade designer candles are made with a great wealth of shapes and colors.

The candles can be cylindrical, square, round, in the shape of stars, trapezoids, flowers, miniature animals, plants, and fruits, among others, and receive a rustic or classic finish with internal elements such as dry leaves, seeds, stones, etc. 

Moreover, you can get them customized to match the theme and vibe of your décor. 

In addition, there are now a lot of designer candles on sale, too, in so many different trendy designs. So, you can easily get your hands on any candle design you want! 

How to take advantage of designer candles sale for indoor décor? 

Indoors, candles can be used in these places: 

  • Living room (on dressers, shelves, and tables)
  • In the bathroom (decorating a washbasin or the edges of a bathtub)
  • In bedrooms
  • outdoor areas

and wherever else the resident wishes

In projects for events, designer candles can be used for: 

  • aerial (ceiling chandelier, hanging candles, inside glasses, and bottles attached to the cover)
  •  wall (wall candlesticks, iron mandalas, glasses or lamps)
  • floor – under tables of glass
  • wall corners
  • the steps of the main accesses
  • Garden (appreciation of details of the vegetation, garden, and entrances, creating a mystical atmosphere through torches, tall iron trees, hanging ball lamps, and a glass of various shapes and sizes with candles inside).

Moreover, floating candles and large lamps can be used on the edges of swimming pools. Don’t forget that handcrafted candles create an atmosphere of lightness, relaxation, and amusement. 

All these uses are exceptional, and you can amp up your spaces with these tips in no time.

So, quickly grab your favorite luxury candles on sale and save yourself some money. The designer candles on sale are something you shouldn’t miss to have. 

designer candles

Aromatherapy with scented designer candles: 

Most people don’t realize this, but aromatherapy is a powerful mindfulness and relaxation tool. Additionally, it has numerous scientifically proven benefits for human health. 

Aromatherapy is a natural technique that uses the aroma and particles released by essential oils to stimulate different brain parts. It can be done through humidifiers or scented candles. It helps to:

  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression, asthma, or a cold
  • Promote well-being
  • Strengthen the body’s defenses

Although natural products are used, aromatherapy must be guided by an aromatherapist, naturopath, or another specialized professional, to know the best essential oil to use in each case. 

What are the main essential oils used in designer candles?

Here are some of the most frequently used essential oils in aromatherapy:

  1. Rosemary oil: it is used to treat mental exhaustion, memory loss, low concentration levels, headache, migraine, muscular pain, and weak joints.
  2. Lavender essence: best in case of extreme stress, headaches, chills, loss of sleep, and asthma issues.
  3. Lower leg essential oil: eliminates physical as well as mental exertion, faintness, irritability, migraines, low concentration levels, menstrual cramps along with difficulty in relaxing.
  4. Jasmine oil: recovers decreased amount of libido, breathing issues, excessive stress, muscular tensions, and depression.
  5. Bergamot essence: deals with excessive stress, skin infections, anxiety, poor digestion, and depression.
  6. Chamomile essence: It overcomes extreme stress, muscular tension, depressive episodes, and inflammation in the urinary tract.
  7. Eucalyptus oil: resolves asthma problems, migraine, muscle pain, high fever, headache, and joint pain. 
  8. Lemon essential oil: it is used to treat low concentration levels, anxiety, excessive stress, and lack of energy, as well as the weakened immune system, digestive system, fever, and headaches. 
  9. Sandalwood essential oil: helps get rid of Chest aches, extra stress, muscular tension, and decreased amounts of libido.
  10. Ilangue-ilangue essential oil: resolves anxiety issues, increasing stress, dizziness, high blood pressure, reduced hair growth, nausea, and intestinal problems. 

These essential oils can be paired up with one another or used separately in any way you like. 

However, we suggest you be careful before making any combinations, as you must seek professional help from a naturopath. If you can’t go to a specialist, do proper research before diving into treatments. 

To get these designer candles at the best prices, hop on the next designer candles sale from Amazon and grab all your favorite scents before anyone else does. 


In conclusion, designer candles are one of the most versatile items on this planet. Are you planning to redecorate your spaces? Candles are your answer! 

Are you looking forward to improving your mental health? Then, bag yourself some luxury candles on sale! 

In short, be it whatever, you can always look up to candles to fix your life. They will make even the tiniest moments look wonderfully romantic.   

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