Giant Candles: Tips To Beautify For Enhanced Décor & Produce

Decorative yet giant candles can be added anywhere in the house, be it a living room, bedroom, or bathroom. See this is how you can use these giant candles in every room without any fear. 

We have combined simple and facile suggestions to transform the look of your place with large scented candles and unscented candles. 

Keep in mind that the decoration of your house must reflect your personality and provide a lot of well-being to the residents. Thus, it is possible to bet on elements that can guarantee charm and allow environments to be cozier. 

What is the best example?

Large scented candles are versatile alternatives and add a unique touch to the home. Appearance is one of their famous quality, especially when combined with beautiful giant candle holders. 

Moreover, a great option to use the items is in the composition of tables, shelves, and other rooms.

What’s more…

Aside from aesthetics, decorative candles can create various sensations. People usually relate well-being to the scent exhaled from the candle. Aromatherapy leaves a pleasant scent on the property and spreads calm and inspiring emotions that cause relaxation. 

Additionally, the giant candles create great lighting points for special occasions. It works because the indirect flame made by decorative candles is perfect for more comfortable and intimate situations.

Keep reading to learn more.

Where can we use giant scented candles? 

Giant candles can match almost all styles and trends, making them effortlessly compatible with any house décor and also, and you can reuse them without losing your grip on fashion. 

For example, using huge candles at the dinner table is ideal for having a more romantic meal. You can put them in the center of the table with the help of candlesticks or glass containers. 

Note: Care must be taken not to leave them on for several hours as they can be dangerous due to fire. In addition, as they are decorative candles with scents, they can also weigh down the room with a very intense fragrance.

Another idea is to use huge candles around the bathtub or the bathroom sink so that you can perform a relaxing and pleasant bath. Besides that, placing candles on the living room’s console shelves, bedroom corners, or in the office can give the room a wonderful touch. 

Tips for using giant candles on special occasions

Here, we have gathered some fantastic tricks for decorating giant candles:

  1. Table arrangement:

Candles are an excellent option for tables, sideboards, desks, and other similar furniture. Undeniably, these items can be combined with various decor elements, providing a more captivating look. 

As oversized scented candles with a combination of flowers and books can pull off the overall décor by adding elegance to the surroundings. 

The tip is always to bet on elements of opposite heights, as it creates a more differentiated decoration. 

  1. Stair steps: 

People can utilize candles to decorate their stairs by placing giant candles on each step, as these items create a charming, romantic, and sophisticated landscape. 

This tip is an excellent alternative to embellishing the rooms on occasions when you will attend visitors. However, nothing prevents you from using them every day, as it creates a more cozy environment for the residents of the property.

  1. WC: 

Giant candle

The washroom is a space for relaxation, and scented candles can help improve this mood. These items produce a feeling resembling a private spa.

Therefore, we suggest you place the giant candles on the bathroom countertop or near the bathtub. Furthermore, interestingly, you can use similar candlestick models but with different heights and colors. 

Not to forget, the only care you need to take on this occasion is not to leave them next to the towels to avoid a possible accident.

  1. Decoration cages: 

What else amps up the décor is when the large candles can be positioned inside the decoration cages. Intrigued? Well, know more. 

By doing so, you can produce an environment with a different appearance from the common ones. 

Plus, you can assemble an elegant harmony to be applied indoors or outdoors. Irrefutably, the elements formulate more security and coziness.

Also, if you choose a lantern or a large cage, it is feasible to put more than one candle inside or just a single candle, as long as it is larger in size. Those who use smaller lanterns can invest in small and delicate candles.

  1. Macramé: 

If you know how to make macramé and want to get creative, then enjoy some glass bowls that are not being used. The idea is to place the giant candle inside the container and, on the underside, use macramé to add charm to the decoration.

  1. Beware of candles in romantic bedroom décor: 

Candles are undoubtedly beautiful and romantic, but the candles on the bed are dangerous! So, avoid them under the bed at all costs. 

  • However, if you want something glowing on the bed, you can opt for LED candles.
  • Similar to wax candles, they are almost the exact cost, and you don’t run the risk of causing accidents. Also, you can use them more than once.
  • Not only this, but you can also use the LED cord as they are similar to Christmas lights. The difference is that they are not colored (which helps to give a more romantic tone to the decoration) and that with them, you can even make a heart on the bed, or the initial of your love’s name, organizing the cord just right.

We admit that natural oversized scented candles have an extra charm. So, we suggest you keep some in your decor.

In this case, the best place for them is right on the floor or the headboard next to the bed, making sure not to leave any paper on top of the headboard.

  • Another trick is to use cachepots for candles. Thus, they are protected inside the cachepós, in addition to giving an extra charm to the romantic decor in the room.

The cachepots can only serve to protect the candle, amplify the candle’s flame, or even reflect something written on the cachepot, which is definitely an extra touch to the decor.

With these four tips, you can be sure that your chances of getting romantic decor in the bedroom increase considerably. You can trust us with your eyes closed!

When buying the candles, you can ask how long they last on the spot.

Some smaller ones last a little while, enough for your lover to be guided through them to the bedroom and blackout as soon as you start enjoying the night; without worrying about going out to erase them.

For the headboard candles, you can use large candles. That will last all night so that you erase them only when you go to sleep… Or don’t even turn it off if you intend to stay up all night.

Want to learn how to make your giant candles?

Giant candle

This moment is specifically for you who have a lot of desire to create your scented giant candles but don’t know how the production process is. 

Check out the following tips and the step-by-step manufacturing method. 

The materials you will need are: 

  • Liquid paraffin
  • large pot
  • Small agate pan 
  • Wick
  • Container
  • 2 toothpicks 
  • 2 elastics

About paraffin: The amount used will depend only on the size and how many decorative candles you intend to produce. 

Did you gather all the materials? So get to work:

  • First, you must cut the paraffin into small pieces, like flakes
  • Then fill the large pot with water until it is half full. After that, we suggest you take it to the fire
  • Place the paraffin in the pan with small agate inside the larger one, forming a water bath

(The tip here is for people who have a thermometer: do not allow the temperature to exceed 90 °C and do not allow the liquid to start to smoke) 

  • After these procedures, it was time to pour the liquid paraffin into the container
  • After that, place the wick in the middle
  • Next, attach the rubber bands to each end of the toothpicks and trap the wick between the corners
  • Finally, wait 24 hours for the paraffin to come to a cool temperature


Producing giant candles is not a complicated task. Now it’s time to take advantage of your creativity and use it in production. 

Apart from the common essences, you can also mix some pieces of coffee beans or cinnamon inside the candle. Thus, you guarantee an exuberant look and a pleasant aroma for the property. 

Another option is to use the dye and perform the gradient effect on the candle or accessories around it. Betting on diversified glass jars is also an amazing alternative to highlight your giant scented candles. 

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