How To Make Candles From Scratch? – Everything You Need To Know

Glowing candles, soothing candles, eye-pleasing candles, good-smelling candles…or just candles!

Being a candle-lover, you would definitely know that these naturally made glowing lights calm you in any season.

Besides loving these enticing wax glows,

  • Are you interested in knowing how to make candles from scratch?
  • Do you want to enlighten the home with your seld-made best candles?
  • Do you want to impress your guests with self-scented candles?

If the answer to all the questions is yes, you have come to the right place (at the right time).

Now, candle making at home for beginners is no more tricky. Undoubtedly, This candle making guide will make your chore a breeze. So, let’s dive into it!

What Do You Need To Make Candles? – Candle Making 101

Is it easy to make candles? Previously, it wasn’t because there was less guidance, and candle making tutorials have been shared on the internet. But, now, the story has changed.

Now, you can become a pro within just seconds.

Here, we have merged information about everything you need to make candles. Thus, get a wing to candle making ingredients and learn to prepare easy DIY candles quickly.

Candle Making Supplies List

At home, candles can’t be made until or unless you have these essentials:

  • Heat-proof candle containers
  • Required type of wax
  • A packet of Large/small wicks (keeping the jar/container size in mind)
  • Bottles of loved essential oils
  • Heat-resistant cooking/melting pot or pan
  • Measurement scale (device)
  • Thermometer
  • Mixing spoon
  • Spoon or small container to measure essential oils
  • Double boiler (large bowl can be used)
  • Chopsticks to use
  • Paper towel or sheets
  • Superglue & masking tape

Make sure to abide by the three important rules to craft candles perfectly:

Choose The Container:

To follow the best homemade candle recipe, first, you need to determine the size of the container used to store candles for a long time. Next, the type of container you would prefer to have.

For instance, for decorative candles, it is vital to keep fancy jars, bottles, and glasses in mind.

Yes, now you can get your hands on some amazing candles jar without worrying about your budget anymore.

How Much Wax Is Required?

For perfect candle crafts, being a beginner, keep the container size and volume in mind while measuring wax for the process.

Whether it is about making soy wax candles, beeswax candles, paraffin wax candles, the amount plays a vital role.

Measuring wax is neither rocket science nor pesky math. All you have to do is pour the water into a measuring cup or a simple glass and then measure it with a scale. Later, decide the wax quantity accordingly (keeping the water quantity in mind).

Choose Wick Size:

Novice candle makers usually forget to follow this tip as they consider it the least important part of the candle making process. But, no, it is not the case.

Just imagine! You have chosen a small-sized wick for the large candle jar, the candle wax from the bottom will be left untouched. Does it sound cool to you? Of course, not.

So, choose the wick wisely.

When it is about how to make candles from scratch, all of this stuff to make candles is mandatory to keep in mind.

How To Make Candles Step By Step – 6 Candle Making Instructions

Most candle-lovers, preferably DIY wax candles for Halloween and DIY scented candles for Christmas, so people coming to their home appreciate the aesthetic sense of the host.

Are you one of those? If so, keep reading!

Have you gathered up all candle making basics??? Nodding your head in yes? Then, let’s implement these steps:

Note: This is a soy wax candle making procedure.

1. Prepare And Decorate The Candle Container

Before you jump onto how to start making candles, first, make your own candle jar attractive by spending some time on its decoration and embellishment.

For instance, draw any design on the glass jar, attach some stones to it, and put it aside to let dry. Once dried, you can now move to the next step.

Pro-Tip: You can also check some inspiring candle decorating ideas to show your creativity.

2. Attach The Wick By Inserting It Into The Middle

Don’t forget to decide which type of wick you’re going to use. Among both linen and cotton wicks, the latter one is preferred by all famous candle makers.

Hence, before pouring candles wax into the jars, secure the wick by sticking the superglue in the middle of the candle jar bottom.

Pro-Tip: Keep it standing straight by using masking tape. How? Just snip a hole in the sticking tape, insert the wick through this tape, and then attach the edges of the tape to the adjacent sides of the jar rims.

Point To Note: For large containers, use 2 to 3 wicks.

3. Measure The Weight Of Wax And Melt It Later

How to create candles? Weighing out the wax and liquidizing it are considered the most important yet tiring chores of the whole wax candle recipe. Right?

Well, that’s true.

To measure: Place your bowl on the scale (keeping the count on zero), and then add soy wax flakes to know the exact amount of wax.

Do You Know? For every 1 fluid ounce (in volume) your container hold, approximately 1 ounce (in weight) of soy wax is needed.

To melt: Take a large pot and fill it halfway with water. Then, put your heat-proof bowl into it and melt the wax (just the way you melt chocolate).

The wax, after it is being melted, will look like olive oil.

Here note the temperature; if the melted wax is at 180°F temperature, cool it down to 140°F before adding essential oil or pouring it into a candle jar.

Beware! However, the pot is heat-resistant. Still, wear gloves to avoid burns diligently.

4. Decide How Much Fragrance You Want To Add While Boiling Wax

How to make scented candles from scratch? It is all easy, just pour the desired drops of essential oils into your boiled-and-cooled wax and stir it before adding to the container.

Important Note: The essential oils smell good and strong in melted wax rather than in dried wax. So, add the drops/amount of oils while keeping this indispensable factor in mind.

Food For Thought: The candles make scent stronger when fragrance oils are used as compared to essential oils. So, choose among them wisely

If you must know, scented candles jar is more popular than popular or unscented candles. WINK! Now you don’t have to search for more tips on how to make good-smelling candles.

5. It’s Time To Pour The Wax In The Candle Glass Jar

Once the scented wax is cooled and the wick is firm, gradually pour the wax into the jar.

In the middle of this chore, if the wick loses its way, make sure to hold it firmly by your index finger and thumb, and then add more wax after when the wick is holding up on its own.

Interesting Tip: After pouring all the wax, you can sprinkle some glitters on the top to make it look appealing.

6. Cut The Wick From The Top Once All Done

Keep the wick size on the top of the jar less than half an inch long to make flickering candle flame not go higher or above the container.

This is the whole procedure you should follow when it comes to learning how to make candles from scratch.

Things To Consider While Making Candles At Home

How to make candles at home? Make it a breeze by following the tips mentioned above and keeping your surroundings clean.

Keep in mind the things you often avoid:

  • Use paper towels or sheets to avoid a mess on the shelves and wipe spoons properly.
  • No doubt, making candles at home calls for annoyance, but you have to be very patient while preparing the wax especially.
  • Once your candle is prepared, remove the masking tape from the jar and clean it to remove a stain.
  • Pour your own candle in the jar while keeping it out of kids’ reach.
  • Avoids lumps to appear while melting wax.
  • Always note the burning time and match it with the candle size.

Variations You Can Try While Making Candles

How to make homemade candles from scratch that come with a scent or style? Simple and facile! Just collect all the necessary stuff like flowers and fragrance oils and let them do their magic.

Here, we have three fantastic variations that you must try once:

Floral Candles

Make candles at home that look alluring by adding some blooms to them. But, how?

Well, first, adhere some colored petals of your favorite rose (before adding wax) to the sides of the jar with the help of a paintbrush, wax, or glue.

Next, mix some petals with the lukewarm wax and then add the blend to the candle container.

Crayons Candles

Are you creating birthday candles for your little one? Let’s make it an entertaining task by producing something unique. For example, bring the fun of candle-making on by including the crayons.

How-To:  Get 12 to 15 crayons (of the same colors or multicolored), crush them (convert them into flakes), and add them to the boiling wax. Once done, add them to the candle jar.

Isn’t it one of the best unusual candles you can have for a party? Of course, it is.

Note: The number of crayons mentioned is for one candle jar.

Scented Candles With Buried Treasure

Making scented candles at home is no more fiddly. You just have to keep some tricks in mind, and here you go.

Are you perplexed about how to make fragranced candles that hold a treasure for loved ones?

Not a problem!

Just get a ring, bracelet, or a cute note and hide it in the bottom or middle of the wax. Moreover, if you want to show treasure, you can simply use the gel wax for the purpose.

Startle your love-lady or man with this mysterious gift and let them dig the candle just for fun.

Warnings Or Precautions

DIY candle making for beginners requires a lot of care. For instance, being a novice, you need to be extra careful while boiling or pouring wax.

As conversed before, wear gloves whenever you’re eagerly doing it and maintain a distance from the body so, in case of spillage, it doesn’t affect any body part.


Therefore, we should keep some candle care tips in mind.

With our detailed method, you don’t have to worry about how to make candles from scratch anymore. Because making basic candles has become so easy now. Let’s learn more about it:

How Long Does It Take For Wax To Harden

Here how do you make candles is not important. Instead, the timing of holding wax is more significant.

Let it remain sit at the place for 2 to 3 hours before trimming or even removing the wick. Additionally, when hardening the wax, moving or adjusting the candle is not a good idea.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Candle At Home?

Beeswax candles usually take 6 hours to cool down, and soy candles take 4 to 6 hours to get frozen. More to that, let it cool down overnight if you can wait.

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Candles?

Thinking about how to make candles while keeping your budget in mind? Since it’s all about your love and passion for candle-making, you can turn your eyes off the fact that it actually can become a burden on your pocket.

Without any doubt, it costs you double the number of candles that are available in stores.

But, everything is fair in love, war, and candle-making passion. LOL!

What Is The Best Material To Make Candles Out Of?

For the perfect practice of candle making at home, beeswax, palm wax, soy wax, and paraffin wax are some of the best types of waxes you can use.

Bottom Line:

Hopefully, now you are all clear about how to make candles from scratch, and indeed, candles are the best homemade gift ideas. So, pour your love while DIYing candles and astonish your family with an impressive candle gift.