Everything You Need To Know About How To Wrap A Candle

Wrapping a candle is nothing less than an art. Cellophane is a thin, transparent film generally used to manufacture packaging for various products, such as cellophane for candle wrapping. This material has greater tensile strength, making candle wrapping more durable and resistant.

Before we jump into the question about how to wrap a candle, let’s first focus on how to start a candle business because that is one of the most frequently asked questions along with wrapping a candle. 

How to start a business to sell candles?

Buying the correct candle-making equipment is the key to your success. Here is a list of everything you may need for your candle business. 

  1. Glass pot or container
  2. Molds for candles (this is up to you; there are molds of all types and sizes)
  3. Thermometer
  4. Wooden spoon
  5. Waxed wicks
  6. Liquid paraffin
  7. Dye
  8. Knife

How much does it cost to make candles?

Miss Denise Pavan, the candle store owner states:

“With $300, it is possible to start making candles. All the material to make small candle productions for events, weddings, baptisms, parties, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and even seasonal things.”

Now, let’s move to the queries that have been asked almost millions of times (exaggerating, of course)

Crafted Candles

The candle is a product that has gained more and more forms of application and use.

The level of competition in this market, however, is quite expressive. People are getting creative with candle making and finding new and better ideas about how to wrap a candle. 

Therefore, the entrepreneur must evaluate the productive field in which he will act and manufacture candles different from those already available on the market, seeking to meet the growing demand for decorative candles with different shapes and colors as well as answers to “how to wrap a candle?”  

In advance, it is essential to clarify that to produce decorative candles, it is necessary to choose the raw material from suitable suppliers. This is because the quality of the paraffin, wick, and dye interferes with the duration of the flame and the shape of the candle during burning.

Creative candle-making process: 

Some of the best candle experts say:

Undoubtedly, how to wrap candles and creativity in candle making seems to be an inexhaustible chore because every day, new techniques, models, and ways of transforming this raw material into beautiful decorative objects appear.

Plus, the beauty of candles is determined by imagination, transforming technique into art, and the entrepreneurial spirit of those interested in working in this line of business will lead them to success.

Entrepreneur’s or designer’s creativity, who will work with creating models/molds and new formats of candles, is fundamental since innovation in creating new models must be constant. Besides that, the constructing models translate beauty and burning safety but bring style and beauty into their concept.

Making handmade candles is a stimulating and creative activity that has become a source of income for many people. Those who usually dedicate themselves to this activity have an artistic sensibility, skill, and a taste for crafts.

Even with the great human development, with the discovery of several other sources of artificial lighting, candles still occupy a prominent place in society, whether to give an air of nostalgia to environments, decorate birthday cakes, weddings, or any other celebration, or to honor beliefs, religions, among others.

In addition to this, what leads an entrepreneur to success is catering to the question of how to wrap a candle.

No doubt, the packaging is always the first thing your customer sees, so it has to be perfect at all costs! 

decorative candles

Advantages for those who make candles: 

  • A candle is a product that sells all year round
  • Non-perishable product (no expiration date)
  • Does not require specialized labor
  • Fully recyclable

Like all well-done and quality work, which deserves to be highlighted among others of the same kind, handmade candles also need a primordial finish. 

There is no point in investing in good equipment, wasting hours of work, and spending on top-quality material if something goes wrong or is poorly done at the end of the product. 

So, below are some tips:

  • Always carefully trim the edges as if you must know candles should have a well-finished look, which can take their commercial hype to the next level. 
  • Bathe the pieces with hot paraffin or hot water if you want to add more shine or transparency. 
  • Another tip to add shine is to apply liquid Vaseline to the finished candles. You can also apply a coat of shellac or varnish suitable for candles.
  • Always fill the cavities before they finish drying, preventing them from becoming deformed. 

For this, always leave a little paraffin in the candle’s color to complete it. If bubbles appear on top of the candle, correct it with a hair dryer or heated iron. And candles with an irregular bottom should always be ironed on a hot plate or iron, so they are suitable and level.

How to wrap a candle in wrapping paper: the seven-day candle?

Smooth cellophane: the smooth 7-day candle cellophane is transparent, cut to size, with a medium twist and a thickness of 35 g/m2. It is used to pack 7-day candles but can also be used for other purposes. Plain cellophane is solid and uniform and can be cut according to customer demand.

Now that material for wrapping a candle is sorted, let’s take a look at how much paraffin is needed. 

How many candles do you make with 1kg of paraffin?


String (wick)BRL 24.00 / KG.1 KG = 9000 CANDLES

How much does it cost to make Aromatic Candles?

Aromatic candles, with varied textures, shapes, and colors, are a luxury for decorating environments. The simplest ones cost about R$10, but there are larger and more refined models made with more complex materials, which can cost more than R$70.

The candle is a type of product that, with time, has been gaining more and more forms of application and use. That is why the manufacture of candles is a market that presents continuous growth, with space for the insertion of new entrepreneurs in this field.

How to wrap a candle from a commercial point of view? 

Make sure the candles are always well-finished; this is an aspect that values ​​them a lot, commercially.

  • Pack the scented candles, so they don’t give off their scent. The most commonly used is cellophane. You can also spray the candle before packing it with the same essence used to make the candle.
  • Choose an exciting and easy-to-engrave brand to identify your candle and pay attention to the packaging.
  • One of the most interesting techniques is the one that uses creativity and the most diverse elements to compose the candle. 
  • Using a pilot candle, there are numerous options to decorate the candle, such as, for example, using different grains, dried flowers, leaves, dehydrated fruits, and spices such as cloves, and cinnamon, among others.

How to wrap a candle (Some personal suggestions)

Here, how this is how you can wrap a candle without pulling off hefty chores:

  • Measure and cut the gift wrapping paper by simply placing the candle to check if it fits in the measured paper, and then cut the paper gradually to avoid wrong cuts.
  • Wrap the paper around the candle and use double tape to attach both vertical ends of the paper. 
  • Use your hands to create creases on the round bottom edge of the candle to cover the base adequately. 
  • Use the round-cut paper to hide the pleats and then wrap the candle with fancy ribbon. 

Note: Other than using simple gift paper or ribbon, you can use a net, stones, and fancy clothes for wrapping candles flawlessly.


How to sell candles at home?

The candles at home are easy to adopt so you can sell them both online and in a physical store.

How to start candle making?

Now, prepare your materials to start the fabrication of the candle. First, take the soy wax and put it in the container you will use for the candle so it melts. Next, fill the bottom plate with water and the upper part with soy wax and apply medium heat. Finally, turn the wax with the spatula, ensuring you break the pieces.

How to make homemade candles?

Artisans can also create homemade candles: whether you are a novice craftsman or a DIY expert, the basic recipe for essential candles is easily prepared. As you will notice in our further info-graphic, the formula is simple.

candle recipie

How to customize your candle mix?

Customize your candle mix. Once the wax is melted, take the essential oil of your choice and add it to your mix in a proportion of 30 grams per 500 grams of wax. If you want to change the color of the wax, add pieces of non-toxic crayons.


In addition to all of these things, you need to focus on how to wrap a candle for gifts and Christmas purposes. The right packaging will get you far in your business!

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