The Rising Trend Of Manifestation Candles

Within the past few years, the word manifestation has become a buzzword, and everyone is using it, especially youngsters. Manifestation candles have been used for centuries but have gained recognition only now after the trends went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. 

The basic meaning of manifestation is setting an intention and focusing the energy of your thoughts into making a reality. All of this is done with a lot of research into the psychological effects of spiritual candles on the human mind. 

How to use intention candles? 

With the candle ritual, you will get extra strength to fulfill your dreams and change your life once and for all. So listen to your heart and identify your greatest desire for this moment.

Do you want to renew your love life? Have a new job? Feel more satisfaction? No matter your desire, you will have a greater chance of success through the candle ritual! Just remember to be very careful not to burn yourself and not to start a fire, okay?

Learn to do the candle ritual

Here, know what the best manifestation candles ritual is:

  1. Monday – White candle

Light the candle and, as it burns, says your intentions out loud. Let your mind reflect on its most sincere desires and ask for strength to carry them out.

Anything that is sincerely asked for can be achieved. When you’re done praying with your manifestation candle, blow it out and save it for the following Monday’s ritual.

  1. Tuesday – Red candle

Open the Bible to the Psalm 23 page and light the candle on a saucer. Read the Psalm aloud or in your mind. The ideal way is to feel the power of each word within the heart.

Each stretch is the pure manifestation of the divine essence, so take a moment to connect with God. The occasion is perfect to ask for more health. Once you’re done, blow out the candle, which can be used for the next week.

Red candle
  1. Wednesday – Yellow candle

Light the spiritual candles and, staring at the flame, say a prayer of your own to your guardian angel, asking for protection and joy.

You can say the prayer before you start working or studying, to be more motivated and focused to accomplish the tasks. If you don’t have a job but want to change that situation, ask for a job opening during prayer. Then, blow out the candle and put it away.

  1. Thursday – Blue candle

Write a request to our Lady and place the paper under the saucer. Then light the candle and say five Hail Marys. When you’re done, blow out the candle and throw the paper in the trash.

If you wish, meditate on your request and envision ways in which you can fulfill it. Divine power is on your side, but you must do your part to make your dreams come true. Through your effort and a few manifestation candles, great miracles can happen.

  1. Friday – Pink candle

Light the candle and think about how you would like your romance to be as it burns. If you are single, imagine who you would like to date and why. You must be careful when lusting about a person because you might attract someone who doesn’t suit you.

In this way, try to reflect on the aspects of the personality that you want your partner to have. For example, be a loving person, companion, faithful, friendly, etc. Then, blow out the candle and put it away.

  1. Saturday – brown candle

After lighting the candle, open your heart to God and talk to Him, asking for help and protection for you and your family.

It’s when you need a lot of sincerity, so don’t be afraid to show your fears, dreams, and ambitions. Remember that God already knows every part of your being, so you don’t need to hide anything from Him.

Share your afflictions and ask for more courage to start another week on the right foot! Once you’re done, blow out the candle.

  1. Sunday – Orange candle

Draw a Sun on a piece of paper and write joy, prosperity, and love inside it. Then, as you draw, visualize the arrival of these good energies in your life.

If you doubt the success of the ritual, change the focus of thought so that the positive flow of energies is not hindered.

Then leave the drawing under the saucer, light the manifestation candle and say five Our Fathers. Throw the paper in the trash, blow out the candle, and reuse it next week.

Your question about how to use the intention candle has been answered. This manifestation candle ritual will help you out in more ways than you think! 

All the candle colors for manifesting: 

When we light a candle, we illuminate our truths and want to attract something into our lives. If we use colored manifestation candles, we can attract specific goals and targets into our lives.

Colors are in the Universe and influence our behavior at all times. Knowing the vibration and energy of colors, we will know how to use them at the right times. See below the meanings of candle colors for manifesting: 

White candle: 

Color of peace, love, universal love, contact with God, firming the guardian angel, and attracting good energies. It is the most democratic of colors as it can be used for any positive purpose. There are a lot of spiritual benefits of candles. 

Golden candle: 

Color is linked to the Sun that, illuminates, clears, and scares away bad energies. It attracts wealth, success, and prosperity- great for material, professional, and self-esteem success.

Silver candle: 

Color that raises our self-esteem attracts success and makes goals and dreams come true. In addition, the color silver stimulates intuition, sensitivity, and spirituality, as it is associated with the energy of the moon.

Yellow candle:  

It is another color associated with the Sun. It has the power to open the mind to the wisdom of the Universe. It brings understanding about everything, as well as attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance, and improves communication.

Yellow candle:

Red candle: 

Red is the color of pure energy and life. It vibrates in the Universe and has a very robust power of realization. It is the color of love, passion, and sex. It can be used for any urgent order.

Orange candle: 

Color that encourages creativity, art, and sporting activities. It is a revitalizing color for the entire mental and emotional system. Orange manifestation candles are an excellent helper for those who want to receive light, become spiritual, and increase their mental power.

Lilac, violet, or purple candle:  

Color of spirituality. It has the power of transmutation, managing to transform the negative into positive. When you need to protect yourself from something or notice some negativity, these colors help people eliminate different addictions: cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

Pink candle:  

Color of love, romance, and peace. It is also the color of universal love; it should be used when you need to be involved in pure love and love of neighbor. It is the ideal color to undo the hate when hurting someone or being hurt.

Blue candle:  

It is the color that calms, reassures, and attracts emotional balance. The light blue color is closely linked to the Astral and Good Energies of the Universe. Brighter blue tones improve self-esteem and attract inner joy and peace in the home. It is the color that commands respect.

Green candle: 

The color of health, balance, and vitality is often used to attract hope. It is also used to attract health or cures for disease problems. Also, many use it to attract material goods.

Brown candle: 

Earth color. It attracts mental firmness, powers of concentration, material realization, and success of goals and dreams, great for doubtful and undecided moments.


The spiritual benefits of candles are uncountable. These manifestation candles have the power to alter your life and mindset completely. All you need to do is set your mind to the right things and begin your chapter of positive affirmations!   

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