Melted Candles: Uses & Benefits You Should Know In 2022

If you are habitually lighting candles at home, you know that some wax is always left over, even when the wick runs out. 

The problem is that people tend to throw melted candles away, but did you know that you can reuse them in different ways? Astonished?

Well, to learn how to make creative crafts, we have combined tips on how to repurpose candles (to make new ornaments and items) and thus avoid incorrect disposal of the material. 

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How to reuse candle wax 

There are fantastic ways to reuse melted candles:

  1. A good tip for those who want to make a simple craft is to use leftover melting candles to make a new one. To do this, gather all the old candles you have at home and then melt the wax in a container. 
  2. Preferably choose an old pot (which can come in contact with the wax) and then break all the candles inside.
  3. To make a water bath, place the pot with the wax inside another container with water on the fire – this way, the wax will melt due to the heat coming from the water. When the wax is completely melted, move on to the next step.
  4. Another good tip is to reuse jam jars or hearts of palm. To do this, place a new wick upright, right in the middle of the container, and then use a clothespin to hold the end of it and make it straight (for this, also use 2 toothpicks that will serve to support the clothespin). 
  5. You can also use a pencil. In this case, place it on top of the container and tie the wick to keep the thread standing. Then pour in the melted candle, wait a few hours until it dries, and you’re done! 

When you’re done, you can either take the candle out of the pot or leave it there – which, by the way, looks nice!  

Decorate vases, and glass bottles with melted candles

Do you know that the melted candles‘ effect is used to decorate the edges of vases and ornaments pots? No?

Well, this is also easy to do, working as an excellent tip for those who like to follow the DIY line (Do It Yourself). 

In this case, you need to light the used melting candle (the wick must still be present) and then tilt it so the fire causes the wax to drip. Then, direct the drips to the container you want to decorate, wait for it to dry, and that’s it; it’s a beautiful effect. Plus, you can even cover the entire surface of the glass vase with wax and then put in a seedling to finish the ornament.

Pass the candles on the drawer and furniture runners 

Did you know that the candle can also help improve the handling of furniture and drawers? Such as, bypassing the wax on the slide makes the movement of the drawer smoother – that is, the wax ends up working as a kind of lubricant. 

Hence, another tip for how to use leftover candle wax is to use it to clean furniture corners (especially hinges and slides) and thus prevent them from getting stuck or making noise.

Decorate Christmas objects with melted candles wax

How about preparing Christmas or party decorations on your own? For instance, you can dip pine cones in melted wax (which should be done in a bain-marie) and repurpose candles, so they are fully covered and decorated. But, then, we suggest you wait for it to dry! 

No doubt, decorative pinecones are great for decorating the Christmas table. However, to create an interesting effect, a good tip is to cover them with waxes of different colors. Yes, you can do the same with other decorations ( customizing balls, figurines, etc.). Just use creativity!

How to reuse candle wax? 

With Christmas, many candles are burned until they are no longer helpful (or the wick breaks/disappears). Or do they still have it? 

With these 9 tips, you will learn how to use leftover candle wax in different ways:  

  1.  New candles: 

Of course, making new candles out of used ones is the easiest. But, in addition to bringing practicality, it also helps you save money. For example, you can use old cups and toilet paper rolls as containers. 

We recommend having the wicks ready to hand before starting the project. An alternative is to use old wax as fuel for an essential oil burner. 

  1. Lamp: 

With empty cans, old melted candles’ wax, cardboard, wick, and cloth, you can make a lantern for when you go camping. 

Simply wrap the cardboard around the wick-wrapped piece of cloth and place it inside a round tin can. Melt the hot wax in a water bath and then use it to wet the cardboard. Your lantern can now be taken to your next campsite or placed in the garden.

  1. An ecologically sustainable lighter: 

Most lighters contain paraffin and other substances that can harm health and the environment. You can make an alternative with leftover wax, egg cartons, and sawdust.

Another possibility is to take a pinecone and dip it in the melted wax. They are great for burning. 

  1. Lubricant for furniture: 

Candle wax is great for lubricating open and closed items like drawers and zippers. For example, if your drawer makes a lot of noise when it closes or gets stuck, apply some candle wax to the corners. It works wonderfully. 

  1. Glue for candle:

This is a classic trick that even your great-grandmother can use. Just light a candle and drip some melted wax onto the surface to ensure it stays securely in place. Then place the candle on top.

  1. Order protection: 

You’ve probably had the problem of the package address being unreadable. Often because water has spilled into the place. If you put wax over the part where the address is, the writing will be more resistant to water. 

  1. Anti-mosquito candle: 

A candle can also help keep mosquitoes away. With the help of leftover wax and citronella oil, you can make your mosquito repellent. 

  1. Easter candles: 

Easter is still a while away, but you can already make your home more beautiful with these egg candles. You just need empty eggshells, fill them with melted candle wax with the wick inside and let it harden. 

  1. Waterproofing: 

Waterproofing sprays aren’t precisely “organic” and expensive. However, clear wax works perfectly on cloth or faux leather shoes. Besides that, wax is also great for drying your shoes. 

And while we’re taking care of the shoes, you can also take care of those frayed lace tips. Waxing and waiting for it to dry, your laces will soon slip through the shoe’s holes easily again. 

If you still want to throw away the wax scraps, collect them and take them to the recycling center. They must not be thrown in the standard trash.

Trying to simplify current times of technologies and hurried life makes many people want to work more with their hands and embrace some hobbies that even help to save. Whatever the reason, learn how to melt candle wax to reuse at home.

This is an opportunity to dedicate yourself to a creative and exciting activity that allows you to play with fragrances, colors, and shapes.

The importance of reusing objects

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle “: these are the three “Rs” that support the environmental area and that has been gaining more and more popularity for the various benefits they bring:

  • Avoid pollution caused by reducing the need to use new raw materials
  • Save energy
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change
  • Help sustain the environment for future generations
  • Save money
  • Reduce the amount of waste that will need to be recycled or sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Allow products to be used to their fullest extent and even give them new uses

Before you start, plan out what you will do so you know what you will buy.

Another thing to note: You can use paraffin, the most popular raw material because it melts quickly and is cheap. Or you can also buy beeswax, which works best with essential oils, despite being more expensive, or soy wax, which burns slower and is the most environmentally friendly option.

Know that you can also use old, melted candles or half-used candles simply by melting them. For the rest, the initial tips for knowing how to make candles at home include the following:

  • Have a large, clean, and protected work area
  • Use sheets of newspaper to line this work area, so you don’t have to worry about spills;
  • Have warm soapy water and a towel or old rags available in case there is an accident;
  • Buy oil-based paints (food coloring won’t do, but there is the ink for candles), essential oils, scents, jars, and containers, depending on what you want.
  • You can find the materials in hypermarkets, stationery stores, and stores that have products related to arts and crafts or even buy online.  


There is no rocket science involved in learning how to melt a candle. You can very easily do it and repurpose the candle the way you want. Playing around with melted candles is the best way to get creative. We hope this blog gave you some ideas!   

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