6 Holders For Terrarium Candles And Wow Tips To Decorate Them

Terrarium candles are a relatively new thing in the market but are gaining recognition within days. People have started loving them and adding them to their home décor. These candles are a great way to amplify any place with a touch of color.   

Holders for Terrarium Candles

Below, we have shared some interesting holders for your lovely terrarium candles:

WGV hanging terrarium globe

When we talk about interior design, candles are the first thing that comes to mind. Scented candles have taken the spotlight in home decor, but we introduce you to hanging terrarium candles to step up the game. 

These cool candles can light up every space by creating a romantic vibe and adding a hint of green to your setting. 

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • weighs 13 ounces
  • measures 9x9x10 inches 
  • made of transparent glass
  • the package is carefully packed with one globe, one top hook, and bottom accessories if you order them along
  • the 2 holes on the sides are made for air crossing and easy watering 


  • You can DIY your succulent candles and spice up your space
  • Get discounts on bulk orders from Amazon
  • You can add everything from succulents to mini lights in this globe to make your customized terrarium candle 
  • The glassware is 100% handmade 


  • Glass is a fragile material to be working with

Glass plant terrarium with metal frame

This cacti terrarium holder is a versatile statement item. It will add all the extravagant vibes to your place that you want. Special attention has been given to its geometric frame which is carefully designed for an artistic touch. 

It has a sleek finish, and the glass used is 100% hand blown, ensuring your cool terrarium candle stands out in all your other décor. Terrarium candles are the perfect way to bring some outdoor accent into your indoor spaces and are very fun to experiment with. 

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • Strong and sturdy manufacturing
  • The size is 1x1x1 inches
  • Great for contemporary style décor
  • The square shape gives it uniqueness
  • Stylish decorative piece


  • High-quality glass 
  • The wooden frame makes it pet friendly 
  • Easy to customize 
  • A great option for making a cacti terrarium 


  • Expensive 

Achla designs glass plates

The clear Achla glass plate is a bit unconventional compared to the other terrarium candle holders. However, they are open and can also be used as plates to be put under plant pots and for DIY beach terrariums. In short, you can use it in any way you want. 

You can make your new cactus terrarium in it and keep it under the sun for your cactus to have a sun bath at all hours, or you can even use it as a saucer for kitchenware. As I mentioned above, there are no restrictions on its usage. 

However, we think it’s a great option for succulent candles. Here are some fun steps you can follow to DIY the perfect succulent candles:  

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • Fill the base with sand a thin layer of sand 
  • Add tiny fake succulents on top
  • And then layer it with a thick layer of transparent wax 
  • Add a wick 
  • Savor your perfect candle! 

It will look like a mini sea candle which will surely catch everyone’s eyes. 


  • You have options to play around with its use 
  • There are various sizes available 
  • You can customize your cool candles
  • You can use them to revamp your indoor space 
  • Making a cool terrarium candle in it will be the perfect way to add some greens to your space 


  • Not the conventional terrarium globe 
  • The open top will attract dust on the succulents or candle 

WGV hanging teardrop terrarium

This piece is exceptionally beautiful and our personal favorite. The teardrop shape makes all the difference in it. You can hang it in your indoor as well as outdoor spaces. 

Imagine it hanging from trees with beautiful little fabulous candles lit in them. It would make any place look super romantic, which everyone wants, right? 

In addition, it also has a beautiful rope in the package that gives a vintage look to this planter, giving your space a contemporary makeover. 

It has all the qualities you would look for in a terrarium candle holder! 

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • Measurements are 8×13 inches
  • Durable and sturdy glass 
  • Hand-blown glass 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Waterproof glass 
  • The rope length is 21 inches


  • Discounts available on bulk purchases 
  • A stylish addition to your décor 
  • Sturdy, thick  glass
  • Ideal for DIY cool candles 


  • Sensitive material 
  • The shape is susceptible to damage

Dome Cloche with Rustic Wooden Base

Are dome cloches only useful for cake servings? No! We are introducing them as cactus terrarium holders; we know you would love this idea. This elegant piece would amp up your office space in the blink of an eye. 

Since it is so decent, it’s perfect for office décor. However, if you think it matches the vibe at your home, you can put it there too. 

Moreover, the rustic wooden base makes it look ancient, which is a great plus point! You can not only use it for terrariums but also for pillar candles. So, place them on a dining table whenever you want a romantic candlelight dinner. It has got your back in every way. 

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • Affordable 
  • 8 inches base
  • Offers multiple uses 
  • Good for succulents display 
  • Makes the perfect terrarium holder 


  • You can decorate your place on a budget 
  • The glass and wood combination looks extravagant 
  • Multi-purpose
  • Can also be given as a present 


  • The glass top is fragile 
  • The wooden base may be affected by water 

WGV cylinder vase

Are you thinking of adding some flowers to your room? This is the perfect vase for that, or do you want to put a terrarium candle? This is also the best holder for that. In a nutshell, no matter how you use it, it will still look phenomenal in your room. 

You will be glad you made this purchase every time you look at it because it’s an absolute treat to the eyes. 

Holders for Terrarium Candles


  • 10 inches in height 
  • Traditional style vase 
  • Lightweight 
  • Gift-able on birthdays and other occasions
  • Multiple uses 


  • You can DIY your décor with it 
  • Affordable option 
  • Various sizes are available so you can get one of your own choices
  • Handmade 


  • Traditional shape

Tips to decorate candles in a terrarium

You can easily spice up any space with terrarium candles, and there is no wrong way. Of course, your home décor should be just how you like it; if you like your space minimalistic, then preferably do that! 

If you are interested in filling your space with art and greenery, welcome terrarium candles home! Remember that your living space reflects your personality so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Below are some tips and tricks to help you out: 

  • Add a terrarium candle along with some books on a coffee table to give a chic look 
  • Place cacti terrarium on your bookshelves to make them look even more appealing 
  • Light up some cool candles in your gym room so you can also reflect while working out. It will set the mood. 


We often get a lot of questions about terrariums, so we have compiled a few that we get the most. Here is a list to help you out: 

  1. Can you put a candle in a terrarium? 

Yes, you absolutely can! 

  1. How do you make a terrarium candle?

Add some succulents of your choice to the bottom and then top it with some candle wax and a wick. Voila, you’re good to go! 

  1. What plants can be put in a terrarium along with candles?

You can use whatever plants you like, but it’s best to use cacti and succulents.    


Hopefully, this blog has proved to be the place for all your questions. From terrarium candle holders to decorating tips to some exciting queries, we have covered it all for you.

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