22+ Different Types Of Candles To Buy In 2023

What makes you drool over the candles? Maybe the aesthetical taste resides in you, or is it just the light these wax objects throw? 

Whatever the reason is. Different types of candles always amp up the place’s look without letting you drift away from the cause: obviously, the décor. 

So, if you are curious to know what type of candle is best? Then, welcome to our blog, where we will burst the bubble by sharing the collection of unique types of candles adored by everyone. 

So, let’s dive deep into them. 

22+ Different Types Of Candles You Should Consider Buying

Not just in your dreams, but these candles actually exist. Find them online or stroll around the physical stores to bring them home. 

  1. Scented Candles

The fragrance is essential for your soul living. You dwell on the vibes you have never been to and dance with your partner while feeling that beautiful scent. Isn’t it? That’s for what scented candles have been manufactured.

Different kinds of candles have unique scents. But do you know what scent of the candle is most popular? It’s Vanilla! Vanilla happens to be the favorite flavor of a candle in the US. 

  1. Decorative Candles

Home decoration is always in our minds when discussing different types of candles. Right? Well, that’s true. Sprucing up the place is one good dream of every homemaker. 

For instance, candles with ribbons on the surroundings or embellishments like stones, etc., add more value to the adornment of the house. 

  1. Pillar candles

These items fall under different kinds of candles that enhance the home’s royal look. For instance, the way they are manufactured shows that these cylindrical candles can be displayed alone on the table using some cool candle holders.

Not to miss, pillar candles add a glow around your food, which means on the dining table. 

  1. Votive Candles

Many people love decorating their prayer rooms with small yet square or cylindrical candles. These prayer candles are called votive candles. If you must know, these candles, among different candle types, come in vessels to keep them secured and add more charm to the rooms. 

Tip: You can also place votive candles on your bedside tables to create a perfectly romantic ambiance. 

  1. Taper Candles

These are fairly different types of candles, also known as window candles. However, these candles always need a holder to stand still because of their sleek look. The standardized burn time for 12-inches taper candles is 12 hours. 

These candles enlighten the long dining tables and create a unique environment. 

  1. Tea light candles

These are one of the best candle types that are specially used to bring joy by providing a unique sparkle. The gentle light glow of tealight candles promotes the best view. 

Beautify the corners of your birthday tables with these lights, or make them part of your edible dishes. The choice is yours. 

The ideal size of tealight candles is 38mm in diameter and the burning time is around 5 hours for each candle. 

Do you know? 

These items were first used to warm food dishes and tea by placing them under the pans.

  1. Beeswax candles

People who love placing different types of candles in their every room would adore these items as they are best known for their hexagonal pattern, honey scent, and warm golden color. 

Why are they so much in demand? Because of their long-lasting burn time and unique feature, according to which beeswax candles are a natural source of air purification. 

  1. Soy wax candles

With fewer or no artificial materials, soy candles are famous for their clean, soot-free, and natural light. When collecting details about different kinds of candles, we have found that these items are an excellent alternative to paraffin candles. So, why not choose them?

Note: Soy wax is considered the preferable wax for container candles. 

  1. Paraffin wax candles

What is the most common type of candle? If you know, you know.

Of course, we are talking about paraffin wax candles in which the colorless byproduct of petroleum is used, out of which most of the candles are made. 

Besides that, these candles are cheaper than other glowing items and were first used in the 19th century.

  1. Birthday Candles

Other than a birthday song, what makes the party more adorable? Different types of candles such as Birthday candles are used to decorate cakes or cupcake tops. 

These items come in various captivating shapes, themes, colors, and styles. So, all you need to have them around on your birthday and sing a birthday song with utmost delight.

Different types of candles
  1. Cartridge candles

These candle types add sophistication to the whole décor with their taper-candle-like look and enhancing light. By having them, you will forget about wax drippings. The exterior material will remain the same. 

  1. Floating candles

Do you want to merge water and fire in one place while decorating the place? Are you nodding your head in yes? Since there are different candle types, we suggest you have floating candles which can be placed in the water.

Add rose petals to the water bowl containing these candles to provide a mesmerizing view and add more charm.

  1. Wood wick candles

For a luxurious and subtle look, wood-wick candles are just perfect. 

We have added them to the list of different types of candles because of their unique wick style. Furthermore, wood-wick glowing candles are famous for their exceptional crackling sound. 

Not only this, but these items bring in a quirky scent when burned. 

  1. Sparklers

What kind of candle gives off the best light? Of course, they. These sparklers come with an enchanting glow and take you to the world of imagination. No?

Well, really it is. These sparklers add more fun and joy to birthday parties and other celebrations. 

  1. Trick candles

While we are here to introduce different candle types, this candle will be the best. How? Interestingly, these trick candles actually come with magic. 

The interesting part of these items is whenever someone tries to blow the flame away; it relights the candle expediently. Astonished? Well, this is where the magic is hidden. 

Tip to turn down the flame: Run the burning wick underwater for a few seconds, and the flame is out. 

  1. Citronella candles

We must add such items to the different types of candles that come with benefits. For instance, Citronella is an essential oil that originated from lemongrass and acted as an insect repellant to eliminate bugs and flies naturally.

So, citronella candles can be best for places where bugs are found. 

  1. Multiple wick candles

Among different kinds of candles, we have candles that are large enough and have more than one wick. No doubt, these candles look best in bigger places. For example, with such giant candles, marriage halls are decorated. 

Moreover, with multiple wick candles, you can enjoy more light and scent effortlessly. 

  1. Container candles

The types of candles are simply available in safe and non-flammable containers. These can be both scented and unscented candles. 

The container candles are mostly placed over the places where there’s a chance to be touched every now and then. 

  1. Flameless candles

For your perfect bed décor, you can use flameless candles. As they fall under different types of candles, they reduce the chances of harm. 

Wrap a string of lights around these candles and turn them on for a more profound look. These candles come with batteries, depending on which burn time is estimated. 

  1. Unscented candles

Unscented candle types are used mainly by people who are allergic to fragrances. For example, asthmatic people use unscented candles for an eternal glow. 

Place them anywhere and let them add light to your life flawlessly. 

Different types of candles
  1. Gel candles

If you really want to get your hands on different candle types with unique features, you can opt for gel candles. Astonishingly cool in colors and look, these items are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. 

Moreover, these glowing items come with more illumination and long-lasting burn. 

  1. Bayberry wax candles

Regarding winter and holiday seasons, we have put one more option under different types of candles. We are talking about bayberry wax candles. 

These items are manufactured from bayberry plants and have unique scents and an olive-green color. 

  1. Aromatherapy candles

Candle types that can actually heal your mind are aromatherapy candles. These candles are mostly scented with soothing essential oils and are used in aromatherapy sessions. 

Also, you can burn them right in the comfort of your home to get more of them.

Final Words:

Finally, we have elucidated 23 different types of candles that are best for all seasons and celebrations. Hopefully, you will make the world dance with a fantastic décor by opting for the candles we have suggested here. 

Happy candling!

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